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Product Name: Hyperion TPE 1000b
Product Description: Hyperion TPE 1000b is a white polyvinyl fluoride /polyethylene terephthalate / encapsulant primer based product engineered for use in photovoltaic backsheet applications. 


              TENSILE STRENGTH (MD/TD) 27/29 kpsi ASTM D882
              ELONGATION AT BREAK 140% ASTM D882
                             PVF 25 um ASTM D882
                             PET 250 um ASTM D882
                             Encapsulant Primer 38 um ASTM D882
              TOTAL: 313 um +/- 10%
              INTRA-LAYER ADHESION:    
                             PET/PVF >4 N/cm ASTM D882
                             PET/Encapsulant Primer >4 N/cm (Destruct) ASTM D882
                             BACKSHEET/EVA >40 N/cm ASTM D882
              SHRINKAGE % (MD/TD) <.87/1.0 150°C/30 mins
               BREAKDOWN VOLTAGE 20.7 kV ASTM D149
               PARTIAL DISCHARGE >1000 VDC IEC 60664-1
               MVTR (g/sm/day)  3.2 ASTM F-1249

Recommended lamination temperatures <170°C. All technical advice, recommendations and services are rendered by the Seller gratis. They are based on technical data which is presented as nominal values, that the Seller believes to be reliable, and are intended for use by persons having skill and know-how, at their own discretion and risk. Seller assumes no responsibility for results obtained or damage incurred from their use by Seller in whole or in part. Visual anomalies associated with the films used in lamination of these products that do not affect the functional performance of the product are not the responsibility of Griff Photovoltaic Films and its Global Sales Partners.

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