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Function of Backsheet


Traditional module backsheet

  • Electrical insulation
  • Moisture barrier
  • Weathering
    • Hydrolytic stability
  • UV protection

GPE (Fluoropolymer/PET/EVA)

  • Weatherable PVDF
    • High level of UV and barrier protection of dielectric PET
    • Proven PET electrical insulation
    • Easy bonding to encapsulant EVA

Backsheet material layer options

  • PVF / PVDF → UV protection & chemical stability (majority of PV market)
  • PET → Dielectric & mechanical barrier
  • EVA → Encapsulation
  • Primer → proprietary formulas for adhering layers together
  • Aluminum → Structural integrity & environmental protection
  • ECTFE → Fluoropolymer topsheet (in lieu of glass)

Material thickness

  • Driven by performance & application needs (MVTR/OTR, withstand voltage, etc.)

Partial discharge

  • Regional standards & regulatory requirements (varies by country)

Bond strength

  • Application & regulatory requirements (varies by country)


  • Application and aesthetics (i.e. BIPV, residential panels, etc.)

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