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ECO Friendly

As good citizens, we all want to do our part to protect our fragile environment. The effects of climate change can be seen now. Temperatures are increasing, glaciers are receding at unprecedented speeds, huge chunks of the Antarctic ice shelf are breaking off, warmer seasons are becoming longer and storms are becoming more severe. Read More...

Griff Photovoltaic Films

Griff Solar is a leading manufacturer and global supplier of progressive materials and products that protect people and the future of our planet. All aspects of our business have been optimized to not only achieve this goal but to put Griff Solar amongst the leaders world-wide of electrical insulation materials, technical laminates and composite materials.

As an export-oriented and internationally active company, Griff Solar works closely together in partnership with its customers worldwide. Our customers benefit from our unparalleled combination of leadership in technology, excellence in customer service and operations. As a family-owned enterprise, clients value our rapid response, attention to detail and involvement in every account. We treat every customer as a partner, because we see every interaction as an opportunity to provide a complete business solution, not simply a chance to supply a product or process. With steady leadership and outstanding people Griff Solar is committed to continually improving quality and technology. We have made it a priority of finding employees who are professional, personable and passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Business units, products and values are described in vivid detail in the pages to follow.  We appreciate your visit.  Please let us know how we can help.